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I’m going to buy your book for everyone on my Christmas list … and several others who aren’t on my annual list! Many thanks!

Amazon Five Star Review

December 2, 2018

If you’ve lost the meaning of Advent and the beauty of the Incarnation amidst all the merchandising and commercialism of modern day Christmas, then you need to purchase and read this gem of a volume.

I’m using it as a daily meditation during this busy season and each time I dip into the pages, I find my soul is refreshed and my heart spills over with wonderment at the marvel of Christ becoming flesh.

These poems are a gift. I read them slowly, savoring each line. I find myself thinking about them during the day, and my heart is humbled and renewed at the revelation of the love of the Savior. Thomas has a way of making the mysteries of Christianity approachable and understandable. His unique perspective and his mastery of the English language open new avenues of delight and gratitude. He brings me into the manger. He helps me see Jesus. What a gift!

I appreciate the plain speech found in Thomas’ poetry. He has a way of weaving words together in a way that winds its way around and through the heart of a matter. His words draw me into the story like no one else I know. There’s an almost “folksy” quality to Tom’s story-telling poetry, but I find it to be elegant at the same time. He understands both the humanity and the divinity of Christ and expresses both aspects with clarity and charm.

It’s evident to me that great thought went into the planning of this lovely volume. The artwork echoes the story told in each poem. Even the color palette lifts the heart and reminds one of the glory of heaven coming to earth. I have it on display in my living room because it is just so beautiful to look at.

If you find yourself wondering why we still celebrate Christmas, if you are feeling jaded and disheartened at the lack of celebration in your own heart during this holy season, then by all means, purchase this book and let it work its Christmas miracle in your heart.


“I want to thank you for the beautiful book you sent at Christmas on The Incarnation. My fiancé, Wayne, and I read the book together.”—PP

“What a blessing and surprise it was to receive the unexpected gift of Thomas R. Worth’s book The Incarnation! His poetry chosen for Advent is not only beautiful and inspiring for the Christmas season, but perfect for meditation all year long. Ms. Petsova’s artwork is so lovely and helps to make this dear little book one to treasure for years.”—BC

“Thank you so much for sending me the book The Incarnation by Thomas R. Worth. It has touched me deeply. I saw God in an entirely different light. His birth unto our world became so real! This book made him more real to me than any other spiritual experience in my 89 years, especially now that I am closer to seeing him face to face.”—MM

“Thank you so much for the beautiful gift book The Incarnation. It is touching my heart with much thankfulness for our dear Savior.”—MC

“Truly I have never received a thank you gift that has been such a continuing blessing to me. Each day my daughter and I—she lives away from me—talk on the phone and I read her and me that day’s poem…. We spend lots of time thanking our Lord for these two blessings.”—MT

“I have so enjoyed reading these poems, and I am only on the December 5th poem. I love pondering God’s visuals to us: his creation like the moon, a picture of us receiving light from the son to a lost and dying world. Thank you again for this wonderful gift.”—SG

“You’ve so entirely and eternally blessed me with your precious book/art work by Thomas Ryder Worth The Incarnation! So many reminders in it, for me to keep pressing forward!”—JE